Madhya Pradesh/ Couple took mother in confidence, kidnapped 11-year-old daughter in Khandwa on pretext of getting her slippers

  • A woman from Washim, Maharashtra, was wandering with her children for six months after quarreling with her husband
  • She became acquainted with a couple in Akola
  • Three days stay in Bhadwa Mata of Neemuch, kidnapped from Khandwa bus stand, case registered

Khandwa: An 11-year-old daughter of a Maharashtra woman, who had separated from her husband about six months back, was abducted from the Khandwa bus stand. The woman had been living with a couple for the last seven days and the couple, after gaining her confidence, abducted her daughter on the pretext of getting her slippers.

On the complaint of the woman, the Kotwali police have registered a case of abduction under Section 363 against the suspected woman and the man. Police have found CCTV footage of the suspected couple, in which they are seen carrying the girl with them. Based on the CCTV footage, the police are searching for the couple.

According to the Kotwali police, Pushpa, 42, wife of Vitthal Rao, a resident of Washim district of Maharashtra, reached the police station with her son at 10 am on Thursday. She told the police that she used to work in Pune.

Pushpa met couple in Akola: The woman had quarrelled with her husband six months back and left the house along with her son and daughter Sakshi (11). Seven days back, she reached Akola with the children, where she met a couple. She said their name was Rekha Bai (40) and her husband Sikandar (48).

Couple took Pushpa and her kids to Neemuch: Pushpa said the couple took her in confidence. They took Pushpa and her children to the Bhadwa Mata area of ​​Neemuch and she stayed with them for two days.

Woman went to Khandwa but the couple reached there next day: On Wednesday night, she took her children to Khandwa and slept at the bus stand. In the morning Rekha and Sikandar also reached there said they would buy slippers for her daughter and be back soon. As Pushpa trusted the couple, she sent her daughter with them.

She got suspicious when the couple did not return for an hour. She then reached the police station to lodge a complaint.

Suspect seen in CCTV footage with the girl.

Suspects seen in CCTV footage carrying away the girl: Taking the matter seriously, the police checked the CCTV footage of the bus stand and the nearby area, in which both the suspects were seen carrying away the girl. After the incident, the police released the footage on the social media and registered a case of kidnapping.

Cops faced lot of hardship as Pushpa spoke Marathi: As the woman spoke Marathi, the police faced a lot of hardship in understanding her. An ASI from the police station understood the language and recorded her statement. On her complaint, the police registered a case of kidnapping against the couple. The police questioned the woman if she had any connection with the couple, but she could not tell anything.

BL Mandalai, TI, Kotwali, said the CCTV footage of the suspected woman and the man have been found after the incident, based on which they are being searched. Currently, a case of kidnapping has been filed.