Madhya Pradesh: Congress tries to keep its flock together after Karnataka, Goa developments

Bhopal: A dinner was organised at the official residence of Madhya Pradesh Health Minister Tulsi Silawat on Thursday to show ‘unity’ among various groups in the party.

The dinner was attended by Chief Minister Kamal Nath, senior Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia, all the ministers and MLAs of the party.

Besides them, the dinner was also attended by Samajwadi Party, Bahujan Samaj Party, and independent MLAs.

The Congress government in the state enjoys a slim majority with their support.

Congress leaders term dinner as ‘routine’ development

Though the Congress leaders have termed the dinner as ‘routine’ development, many feel that the entire exercise was a well-crafted move to project that the party was a ‘united house’.

A minister claimed that the state government would run for five years under the leadership of Chief Minister Nath.

Finance Minister Tarun Bhanot also slammed the Bharatiya Janata Party over the recent crisis that has hit the Congress in Karnataka and Goa.

If we gather at a place for dinner, BJP sees politics in it: Cong

“They are displaying their character every now and then…be it in Goa, Karnataka, Manipur or Mizoram. They did a similar thing in Bihar. If we gather at a place for dinner, they see politics in it. They are desperate without power just like the condition of a fish is without water,” he said.

Energy Minister Priyavrat Singh claimed that something different from what has happened in Goa and Karnataka might happen in Madhya Pradesh.

“Dinner was a routine thing. There is nothing to fear. Delhi is keeping an eye on the developments in Karnataka and Goa,” Forest Minister Umang Singhar said.

They count their MLAs every day after waking up: BJP MLA

BJP leaders, however, are predicting ‘weather change’ in the state.

BJP MLA Narottam Mishra said: “Monsoon has moved from Goa. Very soon, weather change will take place in Madhya Pradesh. They count their MLAs every day after waking up.”

Another BJP MLA Rameshwar Sharma alleged the Congress government is doing destruction instead of development in the state.

BJP leader Yashpal Singh Sisodia also claimed that each minister has been deputed to ‘keep an eye’ on four MLAs.

BSP MLA Ram Bai, who has never hidden her displeasure with the government, said: “The government is not listening to us. Our family members have been implicated in false cases.”

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