Madhya Pradesh/ Congress leader Digvijaya Singh stokes controversy, says rapes happening inside temples; BJP hits back

Bhopal: Senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh has once again stoked controversy with an objectionable remark stating that “rapes are happening inside temples” and that people wearing saffron robes are “defaming Hindu religion”.

At a conference of saints in Bhopal, the former Madhya Pradesh chief minister said: “Today, people are wearing saffron clothes and raping…rapes are happening inside temples. Is this our religion? Those who have defamed our ‘Sanatan Dharma’, not even God will forgive them.”

BJP hit out at the Congress leader: BJP’s Madhya Pradesh spokesperson Rajneesh Agrawal hit out at the Congress leader and said that Digvijaya Singh has again dared to insult saffron. He said that the Congress leader was making every saffron suspect which is grossly objectionable and embarrassing. The BJP leader suggested that Digvijaya was playing on the agenda of missionaries.

“If someone is a criminal or accused of a crime, then the entire saffron band does not become suspicious. Will now the same idea be expressed about the costumes of clerics and priests?” Agrawal said. He also slammed chief minister Kamal Nath and asked him to clarify whether that saints conference was called to insult them.

Vijayvargiya condemns Digvijaya: Hitting out at Congress leader Digvijaya Singh’s controversial statement, BJP leader Kailash Vijayvargiya said that his comment has shown how the grand-old-party leaders behave with venerable saints.

“Condemnable and bad behaviour! We get to know about Congress’ attitude towards the nation looking at how their leaders behave towards our venerable saints who are conductors and protectors of the culture. Kamal Nath sits beside saints and shows his shoes and Digvijaya sees people in Bhagwa as rapist,” he tweeted.