Madhya Pradesh/ Companies spend Rs 5 lakh daily on water in Pithampur Industrial Area, so they treat sewage water and use it to grow veggies, irrigate gardens

Indore: In Pithampur Industrial Area, more than 100 companies have set up sewage treatment plants to save water. Here the gardens are watered after treating the contaminated water. Also, vegetables are being grown. The companies started saving water in Pithampur in the year 2003. There are more than 40 pharmaceutical companies, 850 companies of different sectors including automobile, tyre, dye, etc. These companies require 18 MLD of water every day. Out of this, 10 MLD water is provided by AKVN, 3 MLD through boring, wells and tankers, and 5 MLD water is arranged through recycling.

Expensive water… paying 4.70 lakh rupees daily to AKVN: Gautam Kothari, President of Pithampur Industrial Association, said that we buy water from AKVN at the rate of Rs 47 per thousand liters. Rs 4 lakh 70 thousand are paid daily to AKVN for 10 MLD. Companies are also growing vegetables by treating water through the sewage treatment plant.

Mandatory‚Ķ company’s garden is necessary for drug import: If any pharmaceutical company wants to import medicine, then the permission of US agency Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is essential. FDA awards points for the company’s infrastructure as well as gardens. If the FDA objects, the pharma company would not get permission to import medicines. Therefore, it is mandatory for companies to make world-class gardens.