Madhya Pradesh/ BJP expels Minority State media in-charge Javed Baig in Bhopal for opposing CAA

Bhopal: The Opposition and other organizations are strongly opposing the CAA and NRC of the BJP central government. At the same time, the BJP is engaged in conducting a nationwide public awareness on the CAA and NRC and making people aware, but some of its own leaders are opposing CAA. In the BJP itself, the voices of opposition against CAA and NRC have started, which can prove difficult for the BJP.

Party leader said Baig involved in anti-party activity: The BJP has started to remove its leaders supporting the opposition of the CAA and NRC. In this series, the BJP organization has taken action against Javed Baig, the state media in-charge of the BJP Minority Front and has terminated his primary membership from the party.

BJP State functionary Satyendra Bhushan Singh informed Javed Baig that he was involved in anti-party activities. In a letter to Javed, he wrote, “This act of yours has tarnished the image of the party and comes under the purview of extreme indiscipline. State President Rakesh Singh has expelled you from the primary membership of the party.”

Baig joined anti-CAA protest: Javed Baig reportedly joined an anti-CAA protest in Bhopal. When Javed Baig was asked about this, he said that many people, irrespective of their religion, do not have documents. People belonging to the poor sections, literate or illiterate, labourers, daily wagers, those displayed by floods and affected by any disaster cannot submit documents. 

Minority Front leaders in Khargone, Guna resigned: Before the removal of Javed, the leaders of BJP Minority Fronts of Khargone and Guna started submitting resignations on Thursday. In Khargone, BJP minority cell functionaries from across the district had reached the BJP office collectively to resign.

As many as 176 minority cell activists, including the BJP minority district president, have resigned in protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act and NRC in Khargone. The district president of Minority Front in Guna of Madhya Pradesh has also resigned from his post due to NRC and CAA.