Madhya Pradesh/ Bike falls into water-filled trench due to poor condition of road in Raisen, two youths die due to drowning

Raisen: A bike fell uncontrollably into a ditch due to a poor condition of road on Friday-Saturday night. Two persons died due to drowning in the water-filled in the ditch. The accident occurred between Badher and Ranjhadi on the Garhi-Ahmedpur road in Raisen district. 

Passersby saw them lying in trench in morning: After the accident, the two youths were lying in the water of the trench in an injured condition overnight. On Saturday morning, when the people passed from there, they informed the police after seeing them lying dead in the ditch.

On receiving information, the Devnagar police reached the spot. The police team took out the bodies of both the bike riders. The deceased have been identified as Govind, 25, son of Rajkumar, and Vijay Singh, 45, son of Lalaram, residents of Mankapur Garhi. The relatives who reached the hospital said that the two had gone to Dungarbada Vidisha for some work on their bike.

Poor condition of road led to tragedy: Late in the night, they were returning from there. On the way, their bike crashed due to the bad condition of Vidisha road. They fell into Khanty along with the bike. It has been told that the Khanti, in which the two youths fell, is a large swamp. The two were seriously injured after falling into Khanti. They remained in water overnight, which led to their death.

The road from Garhi-Ahmedpur connecting Garhatganj to Vidisha has been in a pitiable condition for a long time. There have been countless pits in the road from Garhi to Ahmedpur. 

At many places, the pits are two to three feet deep and 7 to 8 feet long. Due to bad road, the bike of the youths fell uncontrolled into the ditch. There have been many accidents on this road before also.

Families received sad news of their death in morning: Both the deceased are labourers and from poor families. After the incident, there is a pall of gloom descended in their families. Deceased Vijay is survived by his wife, 3 daughters and a son. At the same time, deceased Govind is survived by his wife and a three-year-old daughter. 

Balvir, a family member of the deceased Vijay, said that both the men had gone to Dungarbada and said they would be back soon. The sad news was received in the morning.