Madhya Pradesh/ Bhopal’s Ankita Shrivastava, who donated 74% of her liver 5 years ago, wins two golds at World Transplant Games 2019

  • Only those athletes participate in the World Transplant Games, who have either donated or received organ
  • Ankita participated the Games in New Castle, UK, and became the first athlete in the country to bag two gold

Bhopal: City’s talented athlete Ankita Srivastava has become the country’s first athlete to win double gold at the World Transplant Games. She won two golds in a single day at the New Castle in Britain on Friday. She jumped 3.61 meters in the long jump and two and a half hours later threw the ball distance of 31.7 meters. Ankita is representing the Indian athletics team in the World Transplant Games being organised in New Castle, UK from August 17.

Ankita had donated 74% of her liver to her mother in 2014. In 2014, she was bedridden for two months after donating liver to her mother. Incidentally, she is the youngest liver donor in the country.

Has bagged 2 gold and one silver: Ankita Srivastava is the first Indian player to win two golds at the World Transplant Games. Ankita has the third medal in this ongoing championship in the UK. On Thursday, she had won the silver medal in the 100 meter race with a timing of 15.31 seconds.

On Friday, Ankita beat Britain’s Jeannie Kerry in the final of the long jump. Jeannie won the silver medal with a jump of 3.31 meters. The bronze went to Germany. Germany’s Martina Herman jumped 2.95 meters. Ankita left behind Martina of Germany in the ball throw. Martina was able to throw the ball to a distance of 25.6 meters and won the silver. France’s Checa won the bronze medal.

Ankita on phone from UK said- I also won the second gold:When we spoke on the phone to Ankita, who lives at E-5 Arera Colony, Bhopal, her first sentence was – I also won the second gold. I have become the first athlete in the country to win double gold in these games. That too in a space of two-and-half hours. Ankita graduated in computer science from Career College.

Ankita has been a student of St. Joseph’s School. After being selected for the World Transplant Games for the 14-member team, he practiced dedicatedly under the guidance of coach Amit Gautam at the Sai Center Bhopal. She has been a national swimmer before being selected in the Transplant Games team. She has won medals for the state in swimming.

Indefatigable: It took four years for Ankita to get back from being in a wheelchair to now training for three hours every day. “I donated liver to my mother five years ago. After that it was not possible for me to think of contesting in the Games,” said Ankita, the youngest member in the Indian contingent.

After donating liver, it took Ankita almost a year to recuperate. “Commitment and dedication to make life normal like others was the biggest challenge for me. However, the support of family and friends have not just made it possible, but also encouraged me to turn into an athlete for the World Games,” said Ankita.

  • Jumped 3.61 meters in Long jump
  • In ball throw, Ankita threw the ball to a distance of 31.7 meters