Madhya Pradesh/ Bhopal will become a model for the country, no conflict between tigers and humans for 15 years

Bhopal (Vandana Shroti): Bhopal is now becoming famous for its tigers, and will be known for its big cats and not just as a city of lakes.

The Wildlife Institute of India (WII) admitted that the tigers roaming around Bhopal live in harmony with humans and have also become the reason for the improvement of the region’s eco-system.

For this, a team of WII is doing research on tigers in Bhopal. In the study, scientists are trying to know how tigers and humans are living peacefully together for 15 years in a densely populated city like Bhopal. Why a situation of conflict did not arise? After this study, Bhopal will be presented in the country as a safe and protected model for the tigers.

A view of Kerwa Dam near Bhopal which has become a favourite habitat for tigers.

Movement of tigers around densely populated areas: There is a movement of tigers within the radius of five km of Bhopal. There is a dense human population here. Despite this, there was never a situation of conflict between wildlife and humans.

Man-animal conflict in other parts of country but not in Bhopal: WII is conducting research on the issue of the co-existence of tigers in a human-dominated landscape. The institute believes that while there is a growing conflict between humans and wildlife in other parts of the country whenever there is a rise in the population of big cats like tiger, leopard. But in Bhopal, there is no conflict between the two.

Forest staff will share their experience with WII experts: Ravindra Saxena, CCF, Bhopal, said WII has sent a team to study the coexistence of tigers and humans. For this, the staff of Bhopal, Sehore, and Obedullaganj Forest Divisions will meet the WII researchers and share their experiences. At the same time, wildlife experts will also tell the field staff how to prevent conflict between humans and wild animals.