Madhya Pradesh: Baba in Balaghat announces to take Samadhi, a huge crowd gathers to watch

Balaghat: On Tuesday morning, a Baba announced that he was going to take Samadhi. As soon as people came to know about it, thousands of them gathered outside his residence.

A little before the scheduled time, baba sat for meditation in Dhyan Mudra. But, when the saint continued to breathe even after the set time passed, people present there started raising slogans against him and called him Dhongi Baba (fraud). Police and administrative officials reached the scene.

According to information, Baba Subodh Das alias Mangal Das of Kabir Panth of Hatta Dundaseoni, 25 km from the Balaghat district headquarters, said on Tuesday morning that he was taking Samadhi for human welfare. He also claimed that his master had come in his dream and said that the process of his death would begin at 10.15 am.

Drama over Samadhi

Meanwhile, a high voltage drama in the name of the supposed Samadhi continued for several hours. Baba has been staying here for the past few days with Kabir Panth followers and other devotees conducting discourses amidst devotional songs and hymns.

Guru’s wish

During the discourse, Baba Subodh Das had told his sevaks a few days ago that as per the wish of Guru Kabir, he would give up his life on June 25 at 10.15 am. The news spread like wildfire and people from far and wide started gathering in the village.

Baba ushered out safely

Looking at the uncontrolled crowd and fury, police force was called who ushered the Baba out safely amidst pelting of stones by an angry mob. After the incident, the devotees and Sevaks are disappointed and feel they have been cheated by Baba. Baba Subodh Das, however, said this was not fraud. The time set for attaining salvation had been postponed but public was not ready to believe that.