Madhya Pradesh: All commercial vehicles to have panic button, passengers will get help in case of emergency

Bhopal: Panic buttons will be installed in all passenger vehicles of the state including the capital to deal with any emergency. On pressing this button, the police will get information about it and help will be provided to the person concerned immediately. Transport Department will implement this arrangement so that women, in particular, do not have to face any problem in buses and taxis.  The arrangement will begin with cab vehicles including Ola-Uber. Later it will be applied to other vehicles also.

 According to department officials, the panic button will remain installed in a fixed spot in the vehicle. If there is some kind of crisis during the journey, then information will reach the police as soon as it is pressed. In the taxi, it will be placed at the place where the passenger’s hand can reach easily. Passengers can now travel safely late at night also.

Information about location will be available

After the cab, the transport department will make it mandatory to install GPS in all commercial passenger vehicles. By doing this, the department will be aware of the location of vehicles. According to officials, the department will establish a control room through which vehicles can be monitored to ensure that vehicle is being driven in which location. The panic button is also part of it. Information will also be sent to the control room of the Transport Department and the Police as soon as the passenger presses the panic button.   

In case of emergency, help will be provided to the vehicle by tracing the location immediately. 108 will also be connected to it. It may take more than six months to implement this system. Women are usually the most vulnerable to molestation in such vehicles. According to information, there have been around 350 molestation cases in various places in Bhopal only in the last seven months.