Madhya Pradesh/ After Kamal Nath-Jyotiraditya Scindia spat, Congress claims all is well

Bhopal: Despite Congress stalwart and former central minister Jyotiraditya Scindia criticising his own party’s Madhya Pradesh dispensation in public and Chief Minister Kamal Nath’s reaction in the national capital, Congress state Media In-charge Shobha Ojha claims that “everything is on even keel” at the party and government levels.

“The present regime thus far had only about a year to work as two to three months were expended in elections, etc. In spite of that, approximately 380 manifesto promises were brought to fruition,” she said.

Mrs Ojha echoed the Chief Minister’s words by underlining that the party is toiling to fulfill its assurances within five years of its rule.

During his recent visit to Tikamgarh District, Mr Scindia issued a statement in favour of agitating guest teachers by saying that if the government did not deliver its pledges then he would take to the streets shoulder-to-shoulder with the teachers.

The remarks raised the state’s political temperature again and gave the Opposition another chance to rain fire on the regime.

Reacting to a poser regarding Mr Scindia’s threat to take to the streets, the Chief Minister said, “Let him.”

The moment the video of Mr Nath’s answer went viral in social media; numerous inferences began to be drawn.

Meanwhile, Mrs Ojha reiterated that coordination is fine between the government and the organisation. She pointed out that the dispensation commenced action without delay vis-a-vis farmer debt waiver plus other crucial commitments.

Interacting with media on Saturday in Indore, Rajya Sabha Member and former chief minister Digvijaya Singh said, “When it comes to fulfilling our word of honour, all of us Congress leaders are united. The guest teachers-related process is underway. It is a misconception that Mr Scindia is against anyone. The Congress stands together alongside Mr Nath.”

Party sources said that the coordination committee meeting witnessed discussions – involving Mr Nath, Mr Singh, Mr Scindia, Mr Patwari, and Congress’ ex-state head Arun Yadav – over many matters pertaining to the dispensation and the organisation besides two Assembly by-elections scheduled in the near future.