Madhya Pradesh: After 10 snakebites in as many days scared people in Khandwa village celebrate Nag Panchami over a month in advance

Khandwa: In ten incidents of snake bite reported between May 30 and June 8 in Adarsh Gram Arud, four people and two animals have died. Villagers are in fear due to a rise in snakebite incidents. Puja, havan were performed in the temples of the village by scared villagers which reduced the frequency of snakebite though. Meanwhile, some people of the village reached the Naga temple of Sanavad.

People attribute the rising incidents of snakebite to some ‘dosh’

People of the area attributed the reasons for the incidents of snakebite to some ‘kal sarp dosh’ which they said could be removed by celebrating Naga Panchami.

The priests and other seniors of the village have decided to celebrate Nag Panchami on Ashad Krishna Paksha Panchami. Prayers were offered and havan organized at the Bhilatdev Gadi on Saturday. People from each house in the village reached the temple and offered shriphal to Bhilat Dev

Havan-Puja was performed

After the events of snakebites, on 14th June, Havan-Puja was performed at Bhilatdev Gadi, Mothi Mata, Kalika Mata, Bhilat Dev Gadi located at Ram Mandir also. This has reduced the incidents but snakes are still being sighted often. After this, some people of the village met seniors at the Nag temple of Sanavad. They were brought to Arud.

After a discussion with other persons including the temple priest Subhash Geete and Dhyaneshwar Geete, a decision was taken to celebrate Nagpanchami of Ashad Krishna Paksha Panchami on June 22. Although this year Nag Panchami will be celebrated on August 5.

Snake bites woman

While the decision was taken to celebrate Naga Panchami, a woman was reportedly bitten by a snake on June 22. She was rushed to Pandhana hospital where she is said to have been saved.