Madhya Pradesh: 8 eggs hatch into baby gharials in Morena, will be kept in Devri Eco Centre for 3 years

Morena: The family of gharials is gradually increasing in Chambal river. On Tuesday, after 8 eggs hatched into baby gharials, the number of gharials in the Gharial Eco Centre in Devri has increased to 233.

At the same time, there are more than 1265 gharials moving around in Chambal. There are 25 more eggs left to hatch. The hatchlings will be taken care of for three years at the Devri centre.

National Gharial Sanctuary in Chambal spread over 485 km area

A survey of gharials was conducted four decades ago and at that time 46 gharials were found to be living in Chambal region. After this, the 485 km area of ​​Chambal river was declared a gharial sanctuary in the 80’s. An eco centre was built in Devri for their protection and conservation.

Every year, 200 eggs of gharials are kept at Devri Eco Centre

Every year, 200 eggs of gharials are brought from various ghats of the river and kept at Devri centre where they are hatched. These hatchlings are kept under protection till they grow into adults. Under the Grow and Release programme, these gharials will be released into the river when they grow up to 1.20 meters.