Madhya Pradesh/ 5 new tigers are roaming in forests around Bhopal, T-3 returned from Ratapani after 2 years

Bhopal: The movement of new tigers in and around Bhopal is continuing. Meanwhile, Tiger T3 has also been seen. The movement of the tiger T3 has taken place after 2 years. Two years ago, two tigers had reached Bhopal forests in search of new territories. They were named T-3 and T-4 so that they could be identified. After that, these tigers returned to Ratapani Sanctuary.

Tigers hunt cattle

  • These tigers are reaching Bhopal from Ratapani in search of easy prey. The tigers roaming in Bhopal and Sehore forests are hunting only cattle. T3 has also hunted a cow recently.
  • 5 new tigers… There is evidence of the presence of new tigers in the Bhopal and Sehore divisions. There is a movement of five new tigers here. Pugmarks of these tigers are not matching with the pugmarks of the local tigers. Nor have they been named.
  • Movement of two cubs too … A forest employee says that there is movement of two cubs in the forests of Mindora. Which tigress these cubs belong to has not been revealed.