Madhya Pradesh/ 48 students of IIM Indore reach Ratlam village, will make plans for water management

  • Will live in the village till 18 October
  • The students stay and food arrangements are made in the village itself

Ratlam: The postgraduate students of IIM (Indian Institute of Management) Indore came to a village in the Ratlam district to learn about water management system, discuss it with the villagers and make new plans.

Ratlam Collector Ruchika Chauhan discussed with the students and told about taking information about water from all kinds of people in the villages and especially from women and children. He told that women understand the problem of water very well, so they can tell about the ways to save water more thoroughly.

A team of 6 students has gone to a village in the district. The team consists of three boy and three girl students. Arrangements for students’ stay and food are made in the village itself.

The students will decide how useful the recharge contour trench, boulder wall, street plug, plantation, shockpeet, pond, water storage pond, percolation pond, stop dam, check dam, recharge wall etc are for conserving water and how they should be made. The students will stay in the village till October 18 and then submit the report to the collector.