Madhya Pradesh / 40-year-old Jasmin Lula of Indore fought cancer for 3 years; ran bakery factory from home, today turnover is Rs 10 crores annually

Indore: The annual turnover of the cake factory of 40-year-old entrepreneur Jasmin Lula of Indore is about 10 crores. Six years ago, she started a cake making factory with two people. Everything was going well when Jasmin came to know that she had breast cancer.

The doctors said that this is the initial stage. Treatment should start soon. Jasmin said, ‘I was completely broken after cancer. It felt like my life was over, but the family encouraged me. The spirit of fighting was given the most by my small factory, where there were two more people besides me.’

I thought about their families as well as my family and I continued the journey to make the cakes while fighting cancer. Three years later, the doctors told me that I had come out of this agony.

‘My small factory had taken the form of a company’: By the time my illness was overcome, my small factory had taken the form of a company. Today my cake has become an online brand. Initially, we used to make three to four types of cakes, but now I am making more than 250 varieties of cakes. The journey started with two colleagues has crossed 100 today.

Online Bakery Course from Australian School of Patisserie: Jasmin says: ‘I did not let the children realize about the disease I was suffering from. After taking the first chemotherapy, I was very disappointed. I had chickenpox after the second chemotherapy. Then I felt that I would not be able to survive anymore. Then husband and friends encouraged me. The doctor refused to let me out of the room. I did an online bakery course from the Australian School of Patisserie while sitting at home. Got cameras at home and started operating the factory from there.’

Jasmin said further: ‘After the third chemotherapy, my confidence increased and I started coming to the factory the very next day after taking the therapy. During this time, I took six chemotherapies and got 31 radiation therapies. Cancer treatment is very painful. That is why I have to tell other patients that the families that the complete treatment should be taken because some patients leaves the treatment mid-way due to pain.

Be patient, do yoga: The patient should not be left alone in this disease, says Jasmin. Do yoga, exercises, play games. Learn to love yourself and your family because only someone who loves himself can beat this disease. ‘I have now joined the Cancer Foundation and encourage other victims to fight the disease,’ sums up Jasmin.