Madhya Pradesh/ 3 years after their only son’s death, in-laws in Indore perform Kanyadaan of daughter-in-law as parents

Indore: It is often seen in films or TV serials that mother-in-law and father-in-law arrange the marriage of their widowed daughter-in-law and give her a chance to lead a new life. While in reality it is rarely heard or seen.

A similar heart touching incident has come to light in Snehalatganj, where the father-in-law, after the son’s death from cancer, performed his daughter-in-law’s Kanyadaan as a father and gave her an opportunity to lead a new life.

Ankush Shah (31) was the only engineer son of Mukesh Bhai Shah. Shah retired as a manager at SBI. Ankush was married to Kinjal (MBA) in Dhulia, Maharashtra in 2014. Ankush’s cousin Siddhant Shah said that Ankush’s health started deteriorating suddenly after marriage.

Meanwhile, it was found that bhabhi (sister-in-law Kinjal) was also pregnant. Siddhant said Ankush was shown to many doctors and many tests were performed, then it was found that he had stomach cancer.

No stone was left unturned in the treatment. Lakhs of rupees were spent for treatment in Delhi-Mumbai, but Ankush passed away on 15 March 2017.

Three and a half-year-old daughter will also get father’s love: After the son’s death, the whole family became depressed. Ankush also has a three and a half-year-old daughter Tashvi.

Siddhant said bhabhi did not leave her in-laws and continued to serve them. Then uncle and aunt (Ankush’s parents) decided to get her second marriage, but sister-in-law Kinjal refused. Uncle and aunt convinced her a lot, then only she agreed. They searched for a groom for her for two years. Their search finally ended in Vadodara and they got a groom for their daughter-in-law.