‘Luka Chuppi’ a situational comedy, not about cracking a joke for the sake of it: Kriti Sanon

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Kriti Sanon, who will be next seen in Luka Chuppi with Kartik Aryan, is playing a character of Rashmi, who is from a small town. Kriti is returning with a film after a gap of one year. In an exclusive interview with DB Post she speaks about her film and her relationships.

‘Writer Rohan Shankar has done a fabulous job’

Kriti reveals that she actually did not take a break in this one year and says, “This script attracted me a lot. I did not go with any notion as to how the film is going to be, I simply found it very entertaining. Whenever you do a rom-com, the most important thing is content. It has to have a conflict to create a story. In this film the girl decides to be in live-in relationship with a person and his family.”

“My character belongs to a political family who make sure that couples don’t meet on Valentine’s Day. When the guy is ready to marry her, she insists to be in a live-in relationship; it is usually other way round. There have been films on this subject, but they have never been based on characters from small towns. The way film is written is interesting; Rohan Shankar (writer) has done a fabulous job. It is a situational comedy. It is not like you are cracking a joke just for the sake of it,” Kriti elaborates.

Talking about her co-star Kartik she says, “Sometimes a film chooses you; I was the first person to hear the script when nobody was on board and they were still figuring  out when to do the film. When they wanted to start the film I had already started shooting for Housefull 4 and my dates were packed, then Kartik came on board. So, that time I was not able to do it. Suddenly last year, my August-September calendar became free and that’s when Dinesh Vijan wanted to start the film. So I told him, ‘See I told you I could do this film’ and he said he has done a recce and we can start the film. We finished quickly in one go. It was good experience working with Kartik.”

‘Marriage is a very important decision’

When asked her if she will be fine going for a live-in relationship in personal life, the Bareilly Ki Barfi actress says, “I am not a person who judges anybody for their decision. The kind of family that I come from… I don’t think they will be okay with me being in a live-in relationship. But at the same time, I have told them I am not okay with arrange marriage for sure. It is never happening. It is important for me to know the person before I get married. But here the situation is different because I live in a city I know I can get to know a person, I can roam around and I can stay with him the whole day. I feel I don’t need to convince my parents for this, I think they have given me a lot of freedom in life in general, they have supported me. This is something I don’t feel the need to do it. Marriage is a very important decision. You need to feel that this is the person I would want to spend my entire life with. My parents will give me that time to know the person.”

Akshay Kumar was disappointed with Kriti

Coming back to her film, the actress informs that she told her Housefull 4 co-star Akshay Kumar about the ‘Poster Lagwa Do’ song from his film Aflatoon and he immediately agreed to promote it.

Kriti says, “Yes, I told him about the song. I told him that there is a song from Aflatoon, (which is one of my favourite songs) which we are doing for our film (Luka Chuppi) and he said he knew about it. I said I wanted to know his reaction and he said that he knows that we would do a good job. He told me he has seen the song, but he was a bit disappointed that we did not do the hook step. But we had different choreography with a purpose to make it look different from the original. So he was like ‘Let’s do it now’, and then we shot that promotional video. He is a really sweet guy and a gentleman when it comes to this, he is always there to support. I knew if I would request him to promote it he would happily do it.”

(Story by Sonali Joshi Pitale)