Low occupancy forces Railways to rejig Rajdhani flexi-fares

Raipur: The Railways have decided to change the system of applying dynamic pricing of fares for the Bilaspur Rajdhani Express, following low occupancy. Now, dynamic pricing will kick in only after one-half of the 860 berths on the train are sold out. This means that only base fare would be charged for 430 berths.

Currently, the fares start rising after 10 per cent of the berths are booked. Only 86 berths were sold at normal rates. The remaining berths are sold at double, treble or even higher rates. The fare goes up by 10 per cent after every chunk of 10 per cent seats are booked.

Delhi-Raipur fare up to Rs 5,000

The result was that in some cases the Delhi-Raipur fare went up to Rs 5,000. Due to this, dozens of seats were left vacant as people preferred to fly rather than pay such high fares.

Under the new system, the flexi-fares will kick only after half of the seats in AC-III, AC-II and AC-I classes are sold out.