Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Smriti Irani alleges booth capturing by Rahul Gandhi in Amethi, Election Commission conducts probe

Lucknow: The Chief Electoral Officer of Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday has said the Union Minister Smriti Irani’s charges of booth capturing in Amethi by Congress president Rahul Gandhi are baseless.

On Monday, during the fifth phase of Lok Sabha election, Irani had tweeted a video in which an elderly woman could be seen insisting that she was compelled by the polling officer to cast her vote for the Congress party and not for the BJP.

They held my hand and made me press the Congress button. I wanted to vote for lotus (BJP), the woman could be heard saying in the video.

After the video emerged, Irani had requested the poll panel to probe the matter and take suitable action against Rahul Gandhi.

‘I tweeted an alert to administration and EC (alleging booth capturing in Amethi), hope they take action. People of the country have to decide whether this kind of politics of Rahul Gandhi should be punished or not’, Irani was quoted as saying.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Electoral Officer Venkateshwar Lu said the allegations leveled by Smriti Irani were not correct.

The EC officials investigated the matter and spoke to the polling agents of the political parties, other officials in the polling booth and it was definitely found that the charges in the video clip were manufactured. In Amethi, Smriti is pitted against Congress president Rahul Gandhi.