Lok Sabha Elections 2019: My open challenge to ‘mahamilawati’ people to prove I have amassed wealth, says Narendra Modi at poll rally in UP

Ballia (UP): Prime Minister Narendra Modi Tuesday launched a scathing attack on opposition parties and threw them an “open challenge” to prove if he had amassed any asset or kept money in any foreign bank.

He was addressing an election meeting here in eastern Uttar Pradesh, days before campaigning ends for the final phase of the Lok Sabha elections.

“I am throwing an open challenge to the ‘mahamilawati’ people that if they have guts then, instead of hurling abuses at me, they should accept my challenge.

“My open challenge to the ‘mahamilawati’ people is that they should prove if I have acquired any benami property, built any farmhouse, bungalow or shopping complex, or deposited money in any foreign bank, purchased property abroad or bought vehicles worth lakhs and crores,” Modi said.

The prime minister said neither had he ever dreamt of being rich, nor had he committed the sin of looting money of the poor. “We accord top priority to the welfare of the poor, the honour and security of the motherland,” he said.

“This is the reason that ‘hekdi’ (arrogance) of Pakistan and its terrorists has vanished in air. The terrorists who used to openly brandish firearms in Pakistan, are today hiding below the ground and praying for Modi’s removal. Sometimes they look at the jungle, sometimes the sky, sometimes the sea.

“They remain restless and have lost their sleep…I have given a freehand to the bravehearts of the country. Hence, first the surgical strikes took place and then it was the air strikes. Today we have taken the war against terrorism across the border,” he asserted.

Modi then attacked the SP-BSP, describing them as ‘mahamilavati’, and also slammed the Congress for questioning the courage of the bravehearts.