Liver test for a fracture patient? Journalist exposes Noida’s Metro Hospital

New Delhi: When someone is admitted to a hospital, without questioning, we do exactly what the doctor or hospital asks us to do. That’s because we put our faith in them blindly. But what does the common man do when they begin to cheat us?

Nowadays, cases of hospital’s or doctor’s cheating people is on the rise. Recently, a journalist, Surabhi Nand Kishore Singh, highlighted a similar case in NCR.

After Singh met with a road accident in November, she was admitted to Metro Hospital in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. In a Facebook post, Singh claimed that the hospital tried to dupe her by adding unnecessary tests to the bill. She escaped it as her sister is a doctor and her friend did not give in to the hospital’s demands.

This is her story in her own words:

Recently, in a road accident, I broke one of my legs. It was a minor fracture. I was urgently admitted to Metro Hospital in Noida. A normal plaster, 2 days stay and an x-ray’s total bill that was prepared by the hospital was Rs. 34000. Well as I told this was just 2 days total cost, I stayed at hospital for 3 days. It also included MRCP test worth Rs 10,000. MRCP is a kind of test that evaluates the hepatiobiliary and pancreatic systems, including the liver, gallbladder. It means it has nothing to do with a broken bone.

After a day of my accident, my sister came to see me and take me to home. She is also a doctor by profession. After seeing the bill, she questioned the hospital management, “Why have you mentioned MRCP test in the bill? There is no such test done as per I know and even not required in this case. It’s a minor bone fracture.” Then the hospital first tried to manipulate her by saying,”Arey madam aapko kaise samjhayein Radiology me bahut saari cheeze aati hain. X-ray bhi hota hai, aur bhi cheeze aati hain.”

Just after that my sister told them that she is also a doctor by profession and she knows that there is no requirement of such test here. Also there is no such test done, (as confirmed by the doctor) then why and how have you added this amount (Rs 10,000)? The hospital then said, “lagta hai galti se add ho gaya hai madam!!” They said that they will correct it and prepare a new bill.

The next day, when I was to get discharged from the hospital, my sister went to finalise the bill. The bill she recieved again included Rs 10,000 MRCP test. (Radiology) She complained again that why the amount is still not deducted from the bill? Then they replied, “Arey yeh kaise ho gaya? Humne to hata diya tha!!”

This was one incident. Before my sister arrived at the hospital, my friend was taking care of all the things. One of hospital staff came to her and told that they have lost my X-Ray report and bill (that was already done and paid at the time of my admission to the hospital) and we need to do the x-ray again with payment as they require bill. My friend denied their demand saying that it’s not our fault that you lost the report and bill. After my friend resisted and voiced against it, they said said that they found back the bill and the report.

In my case, I didn’t get manipulated because my sister is a doctor. But what about other people? Do they know what MRCP is or any other test? Everyday thousands of people come to these hospitals for treatment. And these private hospitals are just making money and fool of them. So this is the reality of private hospitals which suck money and blood out of you. It’s a mental torcher to get admitted to a private hospital.

According to the hospital’s website, Metro Hospital was founded by Dr. Purshotam Lal (Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan and Dr. B.C. Roy National Awardee) to provide affordable and good healthcare to common man. It also mentions that Lal performed the first case of Non-Surgical Heart Hole Closure (ASD) with Monodisc Device and Aortic Valve Replacement with Core Valve for the first time in the world. DB Post has contacted the hospital. The story will be updated once we get the response.

After Singh shared her story on Facebook, #DrPurshotamLalFake has been trending on Twitter.

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