Lifestyle blogging: Your new dream career

Did you ever consider blogging as a career? If not, then here's why you should.

Blogging comes with multiple advantages, and not all of them involve money making. This rather new career option is quite helpful for those with a creative mind and original writing skills. With social media platforms giving a boost to lifestyle, food and travel blogging, a large demographic has opened up across all age groups in the recent years in India.

Getting free goodies is an additional benefit for bloggers as brands love to collaborate with these social influencers for a shout-out regarding their products and services. And the best part about blogging is that, it creates a personal portfolio helping you in getting your dream at the comfort of your home.

Though blogging comes with a shelf life like many other professions, it only depends on how fast a blogger is in determining the latest trends, and how updated one is about the preferences of their target audience.

To feed your curiosity about lifestyle blogging and know how to make it big in the glamourous world of social media here are some tips from the industry’s top achievers. Firstpost’s Social Media Star show creator and anchor Janice Sequeira brings out some essential tips on how to arrive on social media:

Tip 1: Understand your own aesthetics and style – Santoshi Shetty

Known for having an edge on fashion, Santoshi Shetty is the Founder of popular lifestyle blog The Styledge. She firmly believes in loving oneself. Santoshi suggests that the first step to start a blog is to understand your own aesthetics and style, then focus on maintaining your feed accordingly. This will help you stand out amongst the vast competition.

Tip 2: Do what you love – Juhi Godambe

Daughter of renowned makeup and hair artists Bharat and Dorris Godambe, Juhi Godambe has carved a space for herself in the world of fashion and lifestyle. She founded Arabella, a fast fashion, high street clothing brand for young women.

Juhi encourages people to do what they love and ensure that it reflects on their feed. Exploring new sides like travel and fitness will keep the audience engagement level high.

Tip 3: Be patient – Shereen Sikka

Founder of Love And Other Bugs, Shereen Sikka turned her hobby into a business driven influential platform. She admits that she didn’t plan on monetizing her blog initially; it was only for sharing her personal style.

Her advice to aspirants is to be patient. Building quality content, a good following, and online identity takes time. Adding that one must follow their passion and the money will follow.

Tip 4: Stay disciplined – Riaan George

Nicknamed as ‘Grooming Guru’, Riaan George is one of the first bloggers in India. The ex-journalist holds a strong foothold in the luxury, lifestyle and aviation space. His blog Urban Eye is a stylish virtual magazine that covers all things trendy and chic.

Reaching out to all the people who want to succeed in social media, he says – Don’t be lazy, be disciplined. Acquire the required rhythm to post on your platform and stick to that discipline. Moreover, try to keep your content to limited streams. Don’t go to do everything, choose a topic that you are passionate about and master that subject.

Tip 5: Take it as it comes and evolve

All four experts agreed that a social media influencer would have a limited shelf life. They shared that the best way to deal with it is to live in the present. Social media has given them a platform to live their dreams; they plan on achieving more by evolving with the time and staying ahead of the curve.

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