Led by Guv, eminent citizens adopt 700 child TB patients in Bhopal

Bhopal: Governor Anandiben Patel has started an initiative to support the TB eradication campaign. She has adopted five children, suffering from Tuberculosis,  from Bhopal for their treatment. She has appealed to vice-chancellors of universities to adopt 20 children each. Various institutions of the state have also come forward and have adopted 1,200 children.

In Bhopal alone, professors, doctors, and other social organisations have adopted 700 children for treatment. They have to ensure that the children receive a balanced diet for their steady recovery during the course of their treatment.

One of every ten TB patient is a child 

Governor Anandiben Patel participated in the state TB Association’s meeting last month. She is the Association’s patron. At the meeting, the doctors told the governor that 10 per cent of all TB patients in the state are children and over 90 per cent of them do not get a balanced diet and essential proteins during treatment. About 10 days after the meeting, the Governor adopted the five children for treatment.

Adequate nutritious food is necessary

District TB control officer Dr. Manoj Verma said that the lungs of the patients weaken because of the disease and they are often unable to breathe properly. He said that the children from economically backward families are unable to get adequate nutritious food and this worsens their condition.


Give fruits and nutritious food instead of money


Nodal Officer Dr. Verma urged people to send nutritious food and fruits instead of giving money to the families of children suffering from TB.


Govt to provide free medicines


The Health Directorate said that they will make free medicine available to TB patients just like they do for adults. The responsibility to ensure that the children eat their medicine on time will of the persons adopting the children.