Leaders lost control over their tongue during LS poll campaign in Rajasthan

Jaipur: The Election Commission has issued notices to 50 leaders of Rajasthan for violation of the code of conduct. Among them are about 10 big leaders of BJP and Congress. Five candidates have also been served notice.

Making controversial statements, issuing threats, paid news, campaigning at religious places or till late in the night is prohibited under Model Code of Conduct. Now these leaders are busy in replying to the notices at the district level.

Read below what some prominent leaders said after which the poll body served them notices

Ashok Gehlot

Gujarat elections were coming. The nervous BJP felt it would not be able to form the government there. I believe that Ramnath Kovind Ji was made the president and Advani Sahib was left behind to balance caste equation. (During the press conference on 17 April)

Gajendra Singh Shekhawat

I warn the administration that this is not the last election. Government will change in five years. I am fully aware of what all of them (officers) are doing, I vow that I’ll hang each of them upside down. (On April 14 at a meeting in Pokhran)

ECI has sent notices to these leaders and why

Ramcharan Bohra (BJP candidate, Jaipur city): Served notice thrice for paid news and using Army photo

Krishna Poonia (Congress candidate, Jaipur Rural): Paid News

Gajendra Singh Shekhawat (BJP candidate, Jodhpur): Issuing threat to government officers at a public meeting in Pokharan. He said the entire government machinery was being misused. Officers were being misused. Power and position were being misused. He threatened to see the officers.

Rajyavardhan Singh (BJP candidate, Jaipur rural): Notice was sent in two different cases of putting up posters.

Narendra Khichar (BJP candidate Jhunjhunu): ECI issued notice to him for his controversial remarks where he was heard telling the party workers to have an extra peg of alcohol after ensuring five more votes for him each day. In a video, which went viral, Khichar was seen motivating BJP workers by saying “If any person helps in increasing vote, his soul will be happy. If you add five more votes each day, you may feel hungry in the evening … have one extra peg of alcohol.” He also said those who don’t vote for the BJP, don’t belong to this country. “Those who don’t for me and vote for others should hang their heads in shame,” he added.

Khichar, who is currently an MLA from Mandwa, has replaced Santosh Ahlawat, the only woman parliamentarian from Rajasthan in the last Lok Sabha. She had expressed disappointment after being denied party ticket.

Jyoti Khandelwal (Jaipur City Candidate): The EC directly gave report to the police in a sting operation.

Hamir Singh (MLA): Issued notice for unauthorizedly canvassing at a religious place in Barmer.