Lady SSP hogs limelight for conducting inspection with 2-year-old daughter in her lap

Indore: Lady IPS officer and Indore’s SSP Ruchivardhan Mishra is once again in the limelight. This time, she garnered attention for conducting inspection of a police station with her two-year-old daughter Nivisha in her lap.

Had touched mother-in-law’s feet before taking charge

In the past she had touched her mother-in-law’s feet before taking charge and this was much talked about. Ruchivardhan is the topper of her batch. She is also an accurate shooter.

When SSP Ruchivardhan Mishra returned to her home from duty on Friday at 9pm, her daughter embraced her. But she had to leave for the inspection of Khudail police station. Daughter insisted to go with her mother and so Ruchivardhan took the child along with her.

By the time she reached Khudail police station at 11 o’clock, her daughter was already asleep. Photographs of Mishra conducting inspection with the daughter in the lap quickly became viral on social media.

Mishra was recently appointed as Indore’s first lady SSP. Her husband Shashank Mishra is collector of Ujjain. In Indore, she lives with her mother-in-law. She has another elder daughter too.

2006 batch topper and accurate shooter

The 2006 IPS batch topper and accurate shooter Ruchivardhan is originally from Satna. She has studied at Saraswati Vidya Mandir of Satna, graduated from Jabalpur and obtained Master’s Degree from Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University.

Her parents were professors in Satna’s college. Her grandfather was in civil service. Mishra enjoys the image of an honest and daring police officer, though she is quite calm and simple in her personal life.

Mishra had told in an interview that it was always her desire to do something different from others. She was selected in both IAS and IPS. She cleared the IPS interview in the first attempt and joined it as she loves challenges.

Ruchivardhan played key role in ensuring conviction of 12 persons in two separate cases of gang-rape while she was posted in Bhopal.