Know M Karunanidhi — A writer par excellence

The DMK chief has over 100 works in Tamil to his credit, including poems and novels.

Chennai: A brilliant writer, M Karunanidhi started to write scripts at the age of 20 for plays which became a vehicle for propagating principles of the Dravidian movement.

A voracious reader and prolific author, he went on to write screenplays and dialogues for over 50 films, a very prominent one being “Parasakthi” starring Sivaji Ganesan in 1952. He also scripted the story for several of them.

Age did not wither his pithy prose as Karunanidhi wrote his last script at the age of 90 for a television serial based on the 11th century reformist Hindu saint Ramanuja, who strove for an egalitarian society. Scripting dialogues for the television soap based on the Vaishnavite saint in 2015, Karunanidhi had praised Ramunja for throwing his weight behind the oppressed and backward classes.

Karunanidhi, who passed away on Tuesday aged 94, took a keen interest in Tamil literature, poetry and drama.
He ran a handwritten magazine “Manava Nesan” in 1941, as a child.

In 1947, Karunanidhi wrote the screenplay and dialogue for the blockbuster Rajakumari, the debut film of MG Ramachandran, who later became his arch political rival and founded the AIADMK.

Little did the DMK chief know that his dialogues in Parasakthi, which debutant ‘Sivaji’ Ganesan delivered with elan, would become a big hit and aid in catapulting his political career as well. Manohara (1954), Malaikallan (1954), Rangon Radha (1956) were some more films he was involved as a screenwriter with.

In addition to penning dialogues, he had also written stories for movies, including successful films like Marudanattu Ilavarasi, Mandiri Kumari (both 1950), Tirumbipar (1953) and Arasilangkumari (1961).
Mani Makudam, Marakka Mudiyuma, Avan Pithana, Pookkari and Needhikku Thandanai were among his several other films.

M Karunanidhi has over 100 works in Tamil to his credit, including poems and novels.

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