Kiki challenge man is alive, but doesn’t mind being declared dead

Jawahar Subhash Chandra, 30, said he is receiving phone calls from well-wishers ever since his picture was shared by Jaipur police

Jaipur: The photograph used by the Jaipur police in its much-acclaimed Facebook Post, meant to dissuade people from accepting the dangerous Kiki Challenge, is of a real person. And he is alive.

Jawahar Subhash Chandra, 30, who lives in Kochi, has informed the Jaipur police that his photograph used by them is about 10 years old. He had briefly dabbled in modelling in 2008 and the photograph was put up on a website, he said.

We know it: Police Commissioner

Jaipur police commissioner Sanjay Agarwal said that the police were aware that the man shown in the photograph was alive. “Yes, we know it. The photograph was purchased by our social media team from a website and it is perfectly legal to use it,” he insisted.

‘I have never accepted the challenge’

Subhash Chandra said that he is getting phone calls from his anxious relatives and friends, who are perplexed to see the FB Post, declaring that he died in July 2018. “I have never accepted the Kiki challenge and do not intend to do so. However, if my picture persuades people to keep away from the dangerous game, I have no problems,” he said.

The official Facebook page of Jaipur Police, three days back, shared the framed photograph of a man with a garland, suggesting that he is dead. The caption read, “Don’t challenge death. Be wise – keep away from silly stunts and advise your friends as well to stay safe.”

The caption below the photograph read, “In loving memory of KK — Loving boyfriend of Kiki, died while doing the Shiggy.”

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