Kids take to cyber crime; target parents, siblings, teachers

Indore: If you thought the cyber thug who steals money from your bank account or clones your ATM card is an unknown face, sitting hundreds, or even thousands of miles away, think again.

Children have made a quick entry into the world of cyber crime and they usually target their parents, siblings, close relatives and tuition teachers. Most of them are in the 12-16 years age-group and are adept in use of computers and the Internet.

No FIR in most cases

This year, so far, the city Cyber Cell has received over 30 complaints. However, the complainants chose to not to lodge an FIR in most cases as the culprits turned out to be their own children or children of close relatives.

Made fake ID of teacher

A 12-year-old child made a fake Facebook ID of his tuition teacher as he wanted to play online game ‘Clash of Clans’ and he needed an FB ID to play game at a higher level.

Unlocked password and withdrew Rs 35,000

A Class-10 girl student of a city’s reputed school needed Rs 35,000 to go on a school trip but her father refused to give the money. The girl took out her father’s debit card from his purse, unlocked father’s mobile and transferred Rs 35,000 from her papa’s e-wallet into her paytm wallet.

Duped aunt

A woman complained that Rs 1,000 was being withdrawn daily from her account. Police traced the accused, who was none other thec son of her brother. He obtained details of the debit card of his aunt and obtained OTP on her mobile and deleted the message regarding OTP. He then started transferring the money into his e-wallet.

Negligence that can cost dear

1. Often people tell their mobile password to their children and other people in the family.

2. Online shopping and other transactions can be done using only the number given on the front side of credit or debit card or the CVV number on the back side. PIN is not needed.

3. If you give your mobile for only 1-2 minutes to someone then he/she can use it for carrying out a transaction after obtaining OTP.

(Story: Deepesh Sharma)