Khandwa: He was a successful share market trader till he met and trusted a fake baba

Khandwa: City resident Hitesh Jaisawal was a successful and flourishing share market trader till two years back. Then he met a fake baba through a friend who saw his kundali and advised him not to do share market work.

Fake baba Sanjay Paliwal alias Sanjay Maharaj has dodged Khandwa residents of nearly Rs 5 crore in the name of tantra-mantra and textile business and recently a police complaint was lodged against him.

Now after the filing of complaint, another victim Hitesh Jaiswal has told police how the fake baba had also cheated him nearly two years back and how he discontinued his stock market work on baba’s suggestion. Read in Hitesh’s own words how baba brought about his downfall:

About two years back I met Sanjay Paliwal through a friend. He said he was a follower of Dadaji and had a flourishing garment business with turnover of crores but had given up worldly pleasures to serve Dadaji. He said serving the poor was the aim of his life.

Sanjay Maharaj saw my Kundali and advised me to stop share market work. He said it could result in huge loss in future. Baba asked me to do garment business in association with him.

‘I gave him Rs 2 lakh, he returned Rs 2.15 lakh after only 10 days’

I gave Rs 1 lakh to Paliwal. Only after five days he returned me Rs 1 lakh and five thousand. Then I gave him Rs 2 lakh. Only after 10 days he returned me Rs 2.15 lakh. I started trusting Paliwal.

Then he took Rs 5 lakh from me and asked me to wait for six months. He said 5 lakh would grow to 7 lakh. Then he asked me to urgently give him Rs 4 lakh for the marriage of the daughter of an auto driver.

He kept on taking money from me on one excuse or the other. I gave him total of Rs 20 lakh. Last time I talked with him was on February 5. I asked him to return my money. He gave me a cheque.

BL Mandloi, TI Kotwali, said Hitesh Jaiswal, resident of Kanchan Nagar, has lodged a verbal complaint. Case would be registered on receipt of a written complaint, he said.