Kejriwal takes u-turn, says will support BJP if Delhi is granted full statehood

New Delhi: Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal on Monday said that if Delhi is granted complete statehood, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) will lend support to BJP in 2019 elections.

I want to tell BJP that if before 2019 Elections, Delhi is granted statehood. we’ll make sure that each and every vote from Delhi goes in your favour, we’ll campaign for you. If you don’t do so, Delhi residents will put up boards saying BJP leave Delhi,” said Kejriwal during the special session of the Delhi Assembly to press its demand for full statehood to Delhi.

Earlier, Kejriwal had always picked on Prime Minister Narendra Modi for all the problems in Delhi. This sudden change in situation has raised many eyebrows. However, Vidhan Sabha accepted the resolution on full statehood to Delhi on Monday.

The last day of the special session of the Delhi Assembly witnessed high drama as the opposition members first staged a walkout, then returned to the House and were marshalled out later. It started with Leader of Opposition Vijender Gupta and BLP MLA Manjinder Singh Sirsa raising slogans against the Delhi government for its failure to ensure water supply to the city.

Following the meeting, AAP leader Gopal Rai announced that the party would hold 300 meetings from June 17-24 on statehood. Rai added that even after 70 years of independence, people of Delhi were still not free: “No other state government has got a majority (like AAP in Delhi). Still, people have to go to the L-G for the smallest of tasks.”

Apart from campaigning for BJP in 2019 elections, Delhi CM on Sunday announced a city wise campaign against L-G With the slogan ‘L-G, Delhi Chodo’ (L-G, Quit Delhi). Arvind Kejriwal always had a sour relationship with Delhi’s L-G and also accused the L-G for not letting his government to work.

Even CPI General Secretary Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy said on Monday that New Delhi should be carved out and the remaining areas of Delhi be given full statehood. We want New Delhi to be carved out of Delhi where central government offices, central government paraphernalia are there…that should be kept out, and remaining state should be given full statehood,” he told PTI.

In 2013, AAP had said that it will not support BJP or Congress as the party was formed as an alternative to them.