Kejriwal invokes religion to attack BJP after abusive tweet

New Delhi: Arvind Kejriwal took a jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, over an abusive tweet by a Maharashtra BJP spokesperson Avadhut Wagh attacking the Delhi chief minister.

Kejriwal, who referred the matter to, said “our people” can also abuse, but they don’t because they are Hindu.

Kejriwal wrote on Twitter as he shared the abusive tweet by Avadhut Wagh: “Prime Minister, you follow this person on Twitter. He is your pupil. He is BJP’s office bearer. We can also abuse. But we are Hindu. Our Hindu culture doesn’t teach us to abuse others.”

Wagh’s description on his profile says that he is being followed by PM Modi on Twitter. In his tweet, Wagh described Kejriwal as a secret colonel of the Pakistani Army in India. He also used expletives for him.

AAP leader Preeti Sharma Menon said: “Mumbai police should take cognisance of Wagh’s bid to instigate hatred and violence and take action against him.”

She said Wagh’s comment is an insult to democracy.

However, this is not the first time Kejriwal has invoked religion to attack the BJP. Last year, he tweeted up a controversy by linking the death of a 38-year-old multinational executive, shot dead by an Uttar Pradesh policeman in Lucknow, with his religion in an attack on the ruling BJP.

“Why did they kill Vivek Tiwari, a Hindu? BJP leaders are freely raping women and getting away with it. Open your eyes to the fact that the BJP is not a well-wisher of Hindus. They will not think twice before murdering all Hindus to get to power,” he had tweeted in Hindi.

“No, even though Vivek Tiwari was a Hindu. BJP does not protect the interest of Hindus,” he added.