KBC-11/Ajit Kumar of Bihar wins 1 crore, had been trying to reach hot seat for 18 years

Ajit Kumar, who hails from Bihar, reached the hot seat of KBC after 18 years of unflinching efforts and won Rs 1 crore by answering 15 questions correctly. He could not answer the 7 crore question and quit the game.

Ajit is a trainee jail superintendent and is undergoing training at Bihar Administrative and Correctional Home in Hajipur. Ajit has two children and wife Manita Kumari is a housewife.

‘When Amitabh said that you have won one crore … felt the dream of life had come true’: Ajit says that he had been trying to reach the KBC hot seat since 2001 when it first started. Family members also encouraged to play. As he used to prepare for the competitive exams, he knew the correct answer to almost all the questions asked in KBC. This is the reason why he very much wanted to go to KBC and was confident that if he reached the hot seat, he would win a good amount. On giving the right answer to the 15th question, when Amitabh Bachchan said that you have won one crore… he felt the dream of life had been fulfilled.

Wanted to be an officer: Ajit’s dream was to become a gazetted officer. After graduating from PKRM College, Dhanbad, Ajit prepared for the competitive exam and in 2002 qualified for the station master’s job. The first posting took place at Garwarudh Junction. Along with the job, he also kept preparing for civil service. In 2017. He passed the departmental examination conducted by the Vigilance Wing of Railways and was appointed to the post of Jail Superintendent.

Narrated the stories of the jail: Ajit told the situation of the prisoners in the jail and said that the situation is not as shown in the films. Amitabh Bachchan said that we have never shown anything like this in films. On this, Ajit read the dialogue of Amitabh Bachchan in the film Kalia – The jailor in the jail where I live either get transferred or goes on long leave. The entire hall echoed with applause.

Bihar’s hat-trick: In the current season, Sanoj Raj from Jehanabad and Gautam Kumar from Madhubani have won one crore rupee each. This is the first time in the history of KBC so far when three people of Bihar have won one crore rupees. Earlier, Sushil Kumar of Motihari had won Rs 5 crore in KBC.