Kashmiri Muslim woman thrashed in Delhi colony for feeding street dogs

New Delhi: In a shocking incident, a Kashmiri Muslim woman in south Delhi’s Sunlight Colony was allegedly thrashed, after the residents of the colony objected to her family feeding stray dogs on Thursday evening. However, the family claims she was beaten up because they are Muslims from the Kashmir valley.

Residents alleged that they were ‘terrorising’ the people around by registering false molestation cases and feeding stray dogs in the area.

Both the Residents Welfare Association (RWA) and the woman have filed complaints with the local police. The complainant has shared a video of the incident, which shows her being brutally beaten up by the residents of the society. However, the residents claim that the video was fabricated and she was never assaulted.

Prez, PM intervention sought

While speaking to DB Post, residents raised the issue of dog bites and how the Kashmiri family was not letting anyone, including MCD, sterilise the dogs. Residents have been objecting to feeding the stray dogs for long.

They even wrote letters to the Prime Minister, President of India and the Delhi Police Commissioner to intervene. The woman, in her complaint also claimed that the resident association suspected that her friends and she were involved in criminal activities.

“We have been living in this area for last 10 years but locals are targeting us for being Kashmiri Muslims. They call us terrorists and harass us,” said the compliant who works in a bank.

The RWA, in their complaint, have mentioned that they apprehend that the family is involved in illegal activities including ‘harbouring terrorists’.

‘Making life of Kafirs hell’

The RWA claims that the family members feed dogs in the night so that they can carry out their ‘illegal’ activities and residents are forced remain indoors. Seeking a probe into their role, the RWA, in its letter, said, “These people claim that they are Muslims and have been trained to destroy the families of “kafirs” and make their life hell.”

DB Post spoke to the RWA president, SN Pandey, who said that all the residents were troubled with the family as they were not allowing any action against the dogs. These dogs have attacked 30-40 people in past. “If we try to initiate any action, the Kashmiri family abuse, harass or implicate us in a false case,” he complained.

Two cases registered

Two cross-complaints have been received by Delhi Police. The police have registered a case of assault against unknown assailants in the matter of the Kashmiri woman being thrashed. As of now, the police maintains that a fight broke out over feeding of stray dogs, although the angle of the woman being thrashed due to being a Kashmiri Muslim is also being probed.