Karnataka/ Mangaluru student Apeksha Kottary enters India Book Of Records for making longest gift item

Mangaluru: A post-graduate student from Mangaluru, Apeksha Kottary, has entered the India Book of Records for making the longest gift item, an explosion box, designed on the theme ”Incredible India”.

Ms Kottary is a home tutor and currently she is pursuing her master’s from Besant Evening College in Mangaluru. She has made over 35 varieties of unique gift items so far.

“I am from Mangaluru and I have entered the India Book of Records. I was really interested in making craft items since my childhood. I used to make gift items and craft items for my friends and relatives on their birthdays and anniversaries. Gradually I started watching YouTube videos and learned to make gift boxes and other items,” she said.

Apeksha said she will apply for Guinness World Record as well.

Ms Kottary said that she has also entered the Exclusive World Records for making unique explosion gift boxes.

Apeksha said: “The measurement of this box is 25×25 cm when closed and when opened, its length is around 1,000 cms. The entire box has been designed on the theme ”Incredible India”.

It consists of pictures and information of all the states, Union Territories, great personalities of India and freedom fighters of India. I will apply for Guinness World Record as well,” she added.