Karnataka farmer makes an igneous bike that can climb coconut & areca nut trees, is a boon for cultivators

Climbing coconut and areca nut trees is difficult because these trees are straight and smooth. For this reason, the farmers also avoid cultivating them. Now it would be easy to climb these trees. Ganapati Bhatt, a farmer living in Mangalore, Karnataka, has prepared a special bike that climbs on these trees. It weighs 28 kg. Bhatt claims that the bike can climb trees at a speed of 60 to 80 km per hour. On average, this bike can climb 80 trees in one litre of petrol.

The special thing is that one can carry weight of up to 80 kg while climbing the tree on this bike. During the rainy season, the possibility of areca nut and coconut trees getting infested with pests increases. In such cases, pesticides have to be sprayed on trees. Climbing these tall trees is very difficult and hard work. Therefore the farmers are not too keen to cultivate these trees.

Farmers in the area taking a keen interest in the tree climbing bike

But now the farmers in the area are taking a keen interest in knowing about the ingenious tree climbing bike developed by Ganapathi and are visiting his house in Mangalore in Sajeepamuda in Bantwal taluk to inquire about it. Also, videos of Ganapathi climbing the tree on his bike are making the rounds on social media and are shared, liked and tweeted.

The ingenious bike made by Ganapathi is not only safer but also increases the work output. While it takes 8 minutes for a man to climb up an areca nut tree, bike reduces the time to 30 seconds to 1 minute. As a result, a person can climb more trees to do his job.

Boon for areca nut farmers

“This is an innovation and a boon for areca nut farmers. For the last 5 years, at regular intervals, we have seen many types of equipment come and go in the market. But this equipment is better than those as it takes the person to the top of the tree for spraying and plucking purpose and thus is more accurate. These days there is a big shortage of traditional areca-nut tree climbers and this is where equipment plays a role,” said Rajaram, a farmer. Ganapati explains that as the farmers were getting the information they were trying to buy it by contacting him.