Karnataka Elections: Exit polls predict hung assembly

New Delhi: Following the end of voting in 2018 Karnataka Assembly Elections at 6 pm on Saturday, popular exit polls by six major news channels are suggesting a tough battle in the state, owing to mixed results, with three out of six indicating a hung assembly.

Moreover, the polls are suggesting that Janta Dal (Secular) (JD(S)) can emerge as a party which could deny a complete majority to either Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) or the Indian NationalCongress (INC).

The three polls suggesting complete majority are by Republic TV, India Today and Today’s Chanakya.

While Republic TV and Today’s Chanakya have allocated a maximum of 114 seats and 120 seats respectively to BJP, the poll conducted by India Today has awarded 118 seats to Congress.

In the three remaining polls by India TV, Times Now and ABP, none of the party seem to touch the majority mark.

With a total of 224 seats in Karnataka Assembly, the contesting parties require to win 113 seats in order to form the government.

India Today

The India-Today Axis exit poll seemed to give the Congress the upper hand, with 106 to 118 seats. The BJP trailed with 79 to 92 seats. The JD(S) is seen winning 22 to 30 seats in the Karnataka assembly elections.

ABP C-voter

The ABP C-voter Karnataka exit poIl predicts the Congress will get 87 to 99 seats, the BJP 97 to 109 and JD(S) 21 to 30 seats. Others are seen getting up to 08 seats.

India TV

The final seat tally projections show, the ruling Congress leading with 97 (in a range of 90 to 103 seats),  BJP trailing with 87 seats (in a range of 80-93 seats), and the Janata Dal(S)-BSP alliance set to become the decider with 35 seats (in a 31-39 seat range). ‘Others’, that include independents, may win only three seats, says the exit poll.

Republic TV

The Republic TV Jan Ki Baat exit poll too gave the BJP the edge with 95 to 114 seats with the Congress getting 73 to 82. The JD(S) is expected to get 32 to 43 seats with others picking up the rest.

Times Now

The Times Now-VMR exit poll showed the Congress winning 90 to 103 seats, BJP 80 to 93 seats in the 224-member assembly and Janata Dal Secular 31 to 39 seats.  The JD(S) is expected to play a key role in government formation in case of an unclear verdict.


The Today’s Chanakya exit poll results showed the BJP would win 120 seats (with an error margin of 11 seats), the Congress 73 (with the same error margin) and the JD(S) 26 seats (with an error margin of 7 seats).