You can either keep your bellies or your jobs, Karnataka tells its cops

100 officers have died in 18 months because of lifestyle-related illnesses 

Bengaluru: The policemen of the Karnataka State Reserve Police (KSRP) have been told to either keep their jobs and their tummies. Those who are overweight are under the scanner after the head of the force announced that they had to either shed a few pounds or get punished.

Bhaskar Rao, ADGP on order for KSRP, said, “People expect police to be fit. We are going to serve healthy food in our canteens and increase physical activity in our police camps. People who fail to reduce their weight and improve their health will be punished.”

In a July 3 circular, the commanders of all 12 platoons have been instructed to identify pot-bellied personnel and put them on a strict exercise regime and healthy diet. The policemen should be given a deadline to reduce the size of their pot bellies, and those who fail to do so must face disciplinary action.

According to reports, the diet plan instructs its personnel to shift from wheat and rice to a millet-based daily menu. The idea is to remove rice-based food from their daily diet in favour of fibre rich millet, which also keeps obesity at bay.

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