Kajol is a wonderful person, not intimidated by her stardom: Riddhi Sen

Sonup Sahadevan

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his year’s National Award winning actor Riddhi Sen will be seen playing Kajol’s onscreen son in Pradeep Sarkar directed Eela. The movie, which traces the story of a single mother, will see Kajol back in action playing the protagonist.

Sharing his experience of working with Kajol, Riddhi shares, “The experience was fantastic and it’s to Kajol maam’s credit that she made me comfortable and that’s what resulted in an ease that shows when we perform any scene together. I don’t feel intimidated by the fact that she’s such a huge superstar because she’s such a wonderful person.”

For Riddhi, there were a lot of lessons to be learnt after observing Kajol from close quarters. Revealing the same, Riddhi said, “More than an actress, I’ve learnt from her as a human being. She’s a powerhouse of positivity. Her punctuality and the effort she puts into the characters she plays even after all these years is commendable. She is also very supportive of her co-actors in the sense that she will give me important cues and emotions for scenes even if she’s not a part of them. She isn’t someone who talks about the industry; rather she talks about her family, good movies, and good music.”

The National Award winner also feels privileged to have worked under the direction of Pradeep Sarkar. “It’s a huge blessing. I’m forever indebted to him for my selection in the movie. I’d shot one ad with him and after that he was convinced that I was the person he wanted to cast as the protagonist in Eela. It’s an incredible feeling when a director like Pradeep Sarkar is confident in your abilities as an actor,” said Riddhi.