Kailash Kher put his hand on my thigh, Anu Malik is a serial offender: Sona Mohapatra

New Delhi: After photojournalist Natasha Hemrajani, a fan Simran Soni and another journalist shared their #MeToo experience at the hands of singer Kailash Kher, colleague Sona Mohapatra also shared her story on Twitter. In a separate post, she also accused singer-composer Anu Malik of being a repeat offender

Mohapatra, who is married to singer-composer Ram Sampath, has not only accused Kher of touching her inappropriately during a work meeting but also alleged that he invited her to his hotel room with malicious intentions.

Retweeting Simran Soni’s confession, Sona shared her experience with the Allah ke Bande singer in a series of tweets. Sharing the details of her meeting with Kailash at Prithvi Cafe in Mumbai, she wrote, “I met Kailash for coffee in Prithvi Café to discuss a forthcoming concert where both our bands were playing & after the usual, a hand on my thigh with lines likes, your so beautiful, feel so good that a ‘musician got you’ (Ram) not an actor. I left not soon after.”

Mohapatra alleged that Kailash Kher appeared to ignore the fact that he may have offended her even after they landed in Dhaka for a concert, because this is what followed: “That did not deter Kailash Kher though. On landing in Dhaka and on my way to the venue with the organisers, keeps calling me and when I don’t pick up, calls the organisers phone to get through to me and asks me to ‘skip’ the sound check and join him in his room instead to ‘catch up’,” she tweeted. In a separate tweet, Mohapatra added that Mr Kher did not appear to hold back even when he “knew me to be as strong as I am or that he had only recently taken a favour from my partner Ram.”

She went on to blast Kailash on the social media for calling himself ‘simple’ and ‘devoted to music’. She even turned down his apology towards a victim for being too little, too late.

In a separate Instagram post, Sona Mohapatra also accused singer-composer Anu Malik of being a repeat offender, along with Kailash Kher: “This guy, Kailash Kher is a serial predator and has been for years as are many others like Anu Malik in the industry,” she said.

Interestingly, the singer has supported Sacred Games writer Varun Grover who has also been accused of sexual harassment by an unknown woman.

Even Anurag Kashyap tweeted in Grover’s support.