Justice Chandrachud is the new cool! : Twitterati laud dissenting judge in #AadhaarVerdict

New Delhi: While majority view by CJI Dipak Misra-led bench held the Aadhaar is constitutionally valid and that it empowers the marginalised, Justice Chandrachud took a serious dissenting view by terming the current form of the national identity card “unconstitutional”.

He stated that the law for the identification scheme was passed as Money bill – in an attempt to bypass the Rajya Sabha and was violative of Article 110 of the Constitution. He observed that the enactment of the act does not save Centre’s Aadhaar scheme.

Justice Chandrachud also favoured deletion of consumers’ Aadhaar data by the mobile service providers. He said that mobile phone has become an important feature of life and seeding it with Aadhaar posed a grave threat to privacy, liberty and autonomy.

Addressing the issue of linking of bank account with Aadhaar, he said the assumption that every individual who opens a bank account is a potential terrorist or a launderer is “draconian”.

The people on social media were impressed by Justice Chandrachud’s alternative take on the Aadhaar issue. While Justice Chandrachud’s ruling lost to the majority view inside the court, he definitely came out as a winner on the social media.

Let’s take a look at how netizens lauded Justice Chandrachud: