John Abraham reveals his crush on ‘beautiful and intelligent’ teacher

Mumbai: Actor John Abraham confessed that he used to have a crush on his school teacher because she was “beautiful and intelligent”.

John made the confession when he became part of a dancing reality show to promote his film ” Parmanu – The Story of Pokhran”.

“Having crushes has been a part of my growing up days. In fact, when I was in the second standard, I used to like my class teacher a lot,” John said.

“So, one fine day, I literally confronted my dad and told him that I like Mrs. Anand, my class teacher, because she is amazingly beautiful and intelligent,” he added.

“Parmanu – The Story of Pokhran”, released on Friday, is about the nuclear tests that India conducted in 1998.

Narrating how tough it was for him to convert the inspiring story into a film, John told a leading daily: ”What is important to me is that I pick up a subject that is non-formula. If I were to tell you that the villain in Parmanu is a satellite, you might just get surprised.

Now when you think about it, it automatically becomes a tough subject to make. How do you cater to an audience that’s used to thali and normal food and then serve them sushi. How do you make sushi tasty so that they enjoy it? That’s why Parmanu happened and that’s why we developed it in-house.”

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