JNU President alleges assault, death threats by ABVP members post elections

New Delhi: Following the elevation of United Left’s N Sai Balaji as the JNU president, the student leader was allegedly attacked by the members of the rival ABVP.

Posted by N Sai Balaji on Sunday, September 16, 2018

As per reports, several other students were brutally assaulted with Balaji receiving death threats as well.

Balaji’s account

  • In his FB post, Balaji recalled the incident – wherein he was called to the site of the violence after he heard that a student named Pawan Meena was being attacked by ABVP students
  • “Upon reaching, what I saw was mayhem. The mob, led by Saurabh Sharma, was baying for the blood of any student they thought was a friend of Pawan Meena and were attacking students with sticks. They openly threatened me, Geeta (Kumari) and other students present there with dire consequences if we intervened to stop the violence,” Balaji said in the post.
  • He added that a former student of JNU, Abinay, was also chased down by the mob and “almost lynched”.
  • “I ran with other students to save Abhinay who by then had fallen unconscious after the beating and took him to the ambulance and sent him for medical aid,” Balaji said.
  • Immediately after, Balaji says he was threatened by the mob and was, therefore, rushed into a PCR vehicle.
  • As per Balaji’s account, two of the ABVP members got into the car as well. “These two students were repeatedly stopping the PCR and threatening me.
  • To my surprise, Saurabh Sharma stopped the PCR between Jhelum and Sutlej and the ABVP student sitting inside the PCR van opened the door. Upon opening (the door) more threats were made to me and I was physically assaulted inside the PCR van,” Balaji said.

Death threats

  • After the attack, the President-elect along with his supporters visited Vasant Kunj Police Station to lodge a complaint.
  • However, the students complained that ABVP members surrounded the police station and threatened to “kill him” the minute he stepped out.
  • The faculty also went along with Balaji to the police and were present when the threats were being issues, as per reports.
  • Balaji finally made it back to the hostel but the campus continues to remain volatile.

ABVP’s version

  • However, the ABVP-JNU President Vijay Kumar – in a media report – stated that Left was highlighting a false story while alleging that the violence was started by them.
  • He alleged that 15-20 people from AISA and their allies had gathered at Jhelum hostel, forcibly entering Sujal Yadav’s room and began beating him up which was followed by assault on several other students.
  • “They beat up Sujal and some others, who are all admitted at AIIMS Trauma Centre currently. Sujal, Rajeshwar and four-five others are currently in the hospital, getting treated for their injuries.” Vijay said.
  • He further said that members of the ABVP were present outside the police station with the sole purpose of lodging a complaint.