Jharkhand’s unique Netagiri school tried to raise awareness on declining standards in politics

Ranchi: The Netagiri school was set up in Ranchi in Jharkhand when corruption in politics increased and the people’s conception towards politicians changed. After Jharkhand became a separate state, the school was set up by Rajranjan on April 26 2001. But this school became a history when its founder Rajranjan, brother of late Congress MP Gyanranjan, passed away a few years back. The school was set up to create awareness among people in view of falling standards in politics.

School began with 26 students

Netagiri school began with 26 students. But their number swelled to 200 by 2009. The school used to run courses in political science, social psychology, economics ans sociology. The courses were of three-month duration. The minimum age for admission was 18. The courses were of thrtee-month duration and classes were held every Saturday.

School was set up after Gyanranjan’s death

Gyanranjan was a senior Congress leader. He died of heart attack at a young age. His younger brother Rajranjan set up Netagiri school. Later he quit Congress and formed Manav Vikas Party. Few years back Rajranjan also passed away and the school shut down.

Jharkhand state Congress senior leader late PN Singh and Ajay Rai, who recently resigned from state Congress, were among the school’s students. Founder Rajranjan was the principal, while Neetu ranjan and Rashmi Sharan were among the teachers.