Jharkhand woman murdered on suspicion of being a witch

Jamshedpur: Two real brothers murdered a woman living in their neighbourhood suspecting she was a witch. The incident took place at Simbanda village in Jharkhand’s Jamshedpur district.

The duo beheaded her and threw the headless body on the railway track. On Friday police arrested both the brothers identified as Bijay Melgandi and Singe Melgandi.

Chakradhar deputy superintendent of police (DSP) Anand Mohan Singh informed that Sonua police had recovered the headless body from railway track between Aasantalia and Baidhmara.

The deceased woman, identified as Phoolmani Melgandi, was a resident of Simbanda village. Her husband Chokro Melgandi lived in Sambalpur in Odisha. Upon receiving information that her wife had gone missing, he returned to his native place and later identified her body.

The woman’s husband Chokro Melgandi got suspicious about the involvement of the brothers Bijay Melgandi and Singe Melgandi in the murder when they vanished from their house soon after the murder.

Sonua police learnt that the duo had fled to Visakhapatnam. When police put the pressure, they came back to their village and were arrested at Sonua station.

Held woman responsible for his poor health

During interrogation they admitted that they had murdered the woman. They told police that elder of the two brothers Bijay Melgandi had a 5-year-old daughter but a son was not born to him.

The younger of the two Singe Melgandi was often ill. The duo held the woman responsible for this and suspected she was a witch.

They had quarrelled with the family members of the deceased over this issue about a year back.