Jharkhand: 62% English teachers don’t know their tenses, can’t spell words

Ranchi: The District Institute for Education and Training (DIET) here recently conducted an online efficiency test for English teachers from 255 government schools across the state. The findings, published in DIET’s Efficiency Promotion Report 2018, present a gloomy picture.

According to the figures published, 62 per cent of the primary and middle school teachers who took the test don’t even know basics of English grammer. This has been cited as a reason for why 65 per cent of students in state schools were weak in English. The test, surprisingly, showed that the teachers did not have even have a complete grasp over past, present and future tenses. They were unable to spell English words, and also failed to explain their meaning.

Poor basic language skills

The English Efficiency Test was taken by 1,000 teachers from schools in districts like Ranchi, East Sinhbhum, Palamu, Dhanbad, Bokaro and Hazaribagh. Around 500 teachers each from primary schools and middle schools were chosen. The survey included teachers from only those schools which have a 1:35 teacher-student ratio, meaning only those schools that have an adequate number of teachers were surveyed. 

A majority of primary and middle school English teachers failed in basic language skills. 670 teachers did not meet the test’s criteria.

Special focus on teachers’ training

Prashant Pandey, Academic Officer, Jharkhand Academic Council, Ranchi, said that trained teachers are given priority during recruitment to government schools. They are employed based on their competencies. The teachers are given training from time to time. The training has already begun in many schools. The figures in the report are alarming, he added. 

(Story: Ramkrishna Gautam)