Jharkhand/ 3-year-old girl stolen while sleeping with her mother in Jamshedpur, beheaded after gang-rape

Jamshedpur: A three-year-old girl was beheaded after she was allegedly gang-raped by two men who had abducted her from a railway platform. The girl was sleeping with her mother at the railway station when she went missing last week.

Three men, including the two suspected to have raped and killed the little girl, have been arrested. One of the killers had reportedly just stepped out of jail after doing time for kidnapping a child and attempting to kill her in 2015.

CCTV footage showed a man walking with the sleeping child in his arms. Her mother reported her missing the next morning.

Superintendent of Police (Railway) Ehtesham Waquarib said the incident occurred on last Friday night when the girl was sleeping along with her mother.

Woman’s male companion among those arrested

The woman’s male companion, who was also with her at the platform, is among the three arrested. Waquarib said the girl’s mother had left her husband in Purulia district of West Bengal with a man and her child and the three were on the Tatanagar station platform that night.

After her daughter disappeared, the woman lodged a complaint with the police saying that her male companion could be involved in the incident.

He was moved to jail on Tuesday. His role in the incident is being investigated.

The police officer said they got some inputs after watching the CCTV footage of the platform and identified the two main accused and arrested the

The footage helped the police zero in on the suspects, who allegedly led them to the body.

The mutilated body of the child was found in a plastic bag behind bushes near slums four km from the railway station on Tuesday night.

According to the police, the men, in their 30s, “confessed” to raping, strangling and beheading the child.

The police say the child’s wounds indicate she was also brutalised.