Jaipur Mayor loses official car ahead of elections

Jaipur: Ashok Lahoti, the Mayor of Jaipur, is at loggerheads with the collector of the district, who has taken the former’s official car into the possession of the government.

Quoting the Election Model Code of Conduct (MCC) that has come into force in the state ahead of the forthcoming Assembly elections, the collector has seized the vehicle of the Mayor and got it parked in the state garage.

GPS tracking

A GPS tracking system has been fitted to the vehicle and the Mayor is allowed to use it only for driving from his home to his office and back. Also, a driver from the general pool of government drivers has been drafted to drive the vehicle. The vehicles of the deputy Mayor and head of the district Panchayat have also been similarly seized.

The Mayor is aghast. “I am holding a political office but it also comes with administrative duties. How am I supposed to discharge my duties as the head of the civic body without my vehicle?” He wants to know. He has also written a letter to the Election Commission of India (ECI) seeking guidance.

The collector, Siddratha Mahajan, however, is clear. “If the GPS data shows that the vehicle was taken anywhere else, except from Mayor’s house to his office and back, action will be taken”, he said.