Jain seer calls on women of the community to have at least 4 kids

Bhopal: Acharya Nirmal Maharaj, a prominent Jain monk, addressing a Kshamavani programme on the MP State Assembly premises here on Sunday, called upon Jain women to have at least four children. He warned that unless that is done, Jainism may disappear from India over the next one century.
The seer also furnished the logic to back his claim. He said that presently, the population of Jains in India is around 50 lakh. If each couple has only one child, the Jain population of the country would dwindle to 25 lakh in the next 25 years, to 12 lakh in the 25 subsequent years and to three lakh, hundred years from now. “Jainism would become extinct in the country of its birth,” he said.
He also proposed that the government should fix 25 years as the minimum age for a woman (not a man, mind you) wanting to marry outside their community.
The Acharya also objected to Jain women dancing on the streets in marriage processions. “It is ironical that we hire people to cook food in our home during marriages and that frees the women from the work and they dance on the streets and this dance is often vulgar and crude,” he said.
Among those present at the function were state finance minister Jayant Malaiya, former High Court judge Abhay Gohil, Additional director general of MP Police Pavan Jain and former Mayor Ashok Bhabha.