Jacqueline Fernandez crosses the milestone; 37 million followers on Instagram

Hailed as a positive growth leader and the most influential celebrity, Jacqueline Fernandez always succeeds in impressing the fans with her dazzling looks, creating a statement like always as well as with her promising approach towards life.

Her social media is proof of how the actress offers a package full of everything the audience wants and her Instagram just crosses the milestone 37 million followers!

From fashion inspiration to glimpses from her upcoming projects, travel diaries to socially relevant issues that she brights to the day of the light and everything that keeps us closer to her life- her account is everything that we love to see, giving us a dose of positivity that the ‘positive growth leader’ offers.

First Bollywood actress to have hoardings across Saudi airports: Jacqueline Fernandez is undoubtedly one of the most influential celebrities of Bollywood and her social media is a testimony to the same.

Even popular in different nations, she became the first Bollywood actress recently to have hoardings across Saudi airports, owing to the popularity. Even when International sensations Katy Perry and Amanda Cerny visited India, she played the perfect host and friend to them.

Her fans are totally gushing over this milestone achievement and we are loving it!

Fans are showering her with love and always grateful for the love she gets. The actress is now venturing into the digital space with her most anticipated upcoming OTT, Mrs. Serial Killer which will mark her debut.